Sojourners is a student organization that promotes Reformed theology, fosters Biblical community, and proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ in the University of Illinois at Chicago and beyond.

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Praise the Lord

Thanks to everyone who came out to our ninth large group of the spring semester! Thanks to Jeremiah Lee for speaking to us about the topic of struggling with lust! And thanks to everyone who joined us for fellowship afterward at the Pier Room and at Jim’s!

Spring Retreat / Lock-In

Join us for worship and fellowship this coming Monday and Tuesday, March 25-26 at Bethel Presbyterian Church. Guest speaker Seiichi Yaginuma from Calvary English Chapel in Wheeling will be addressing the topic “God is Not Good?” The fee is $10/person. Don’t forget to bring clothes, toiletries and a sleeping bag for the overnight stay. Hope to see you there!

Next Large Group

Join us on Monday, April 1 at 7:00 pm in SCE Rathskeller as we enjoy a fun Game Night! Hope to see you then!


Our administrative leaders are Joseph Kim, Jungbin La, Andrew Ting and Jeongwoon Yi. Our small group leaders are Timothy Lee, Nathan Shin and Andrew Ting. Our small group teachers are Joe Kim and Peter Yoo. And our volunteer staff members are Abraham Hong, Stephen Jon and Anson Lee.


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